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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seven tips for healthy hair!

Every woman desires to have healthy, brilliant, shiny hair! Who wants damaged, broken, unhealthy hair? The answer is "nobody". There are at least 7-tips to acheiving healthy hair and if you follow them, you are on the way to having healthy hair:

(1) Find a professional licensed Hair Stylist who specializes in more than just trendy cuts, trendy color and trendy styles. Find a Stylist who knows hair care, attend classes on a regular basis, if you don't have a Stylist, find one in your area and go for a free consultation and sit down and chat with him or her about your hair care concerns prior to choosing the professional.

(2) Please don't go to a Stylist who does hair in their house or is unlicensed, just to save $5 or $10. You want the best car. the best house, the best Doctor and you should also want the best Hair Stylist and you deserve to go to a salon and not have your hair services done in someone's kitchen.

(3) Cut back on eating out for lunch and "brown bag it" and use the extra money saved for bi-weekly salon visits. I recommend bi-weekly salon visits. There's nothing better than having your tresses (hair) bathed in professional hair products that only a licensed professional can purchase.

(4) Don't buy so called professional products ie. Paul Mitchell, Kera Care, Design Essential, Redken or other professional salon products in a beauty supply store. Reason being is that the products could be tampered with and on most professional products you will find a clause or statement indicating that the authenticity is not guaranteed unless purchased from a Product Distributor or Hair Salon. You can safely purchase authentic products at Sugar Salon. Support an American-Owned business by purchasing your products at Sugar Salon.

(5) Never do your own relaxers or hair color. Damage is going to occur in most cases when a non-stylist does their own chemical service.

(6) Don't over do it with braided hair styles. This can result in severe hairloss around the temples and more. I see women with traction alopecia because they have worn tightly braided hair styles for too long.

(7) Found a good Stylist? Stick with him or her, stop jumping from chair to chair. Stay faithful to your Stylist, stop shop hopping. It will only result in hairloss.

There are even more tips, but seven is enough to start with. Start with these tips and see your hair improve.