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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hairloss, Why Me???????

Do you ever ask yourself why is my hair shedding, breaking and suchlike? There could be a number of reasons, but if you regularly have your hair done by a professional licensed Hair Stylist, then you can definitely inquire of him or her. But if you doing your own relaxers and permanent hair color, then that could be one of the reasons.

Some lay people don't understand the chemistry behind the chemicals that are used in a professional salon. For instance, most women think that no-lye "box perms" as they are non-professionally preferred to are milder than regular relaxers used in a salon. They think oh it's gotta be mild, because I can buy it in the Beauty Supply Store and don't have to have a license. This is a misnomer. This is not true at all and couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth. The truth is that no-lye relaxer sold in a box, with a bottle of liquid that you pour in, mix together and use actually have more of a drying effect on hair, hence more breakage.

We all know that ethnic hair needs more moisture, not less. Therefore if you use the no-lye relaxers, which are calcium hydroxide relaxers, you are going to actually experience more damage, more breakage, more dryness etc.... You are going to be wondering why in the world is my hair breaking and shedding if you are using a so called milder relaxer. Well, it's because of #1 you probably applied it at home yourself, which causes overlapping, resulting in overprocessing, resulting in shedding, breaking etc. And #2 you probably used no-lye relaxer, which definately means damage and breakage.

Hairloss can also be caused by: genetics/heredity, taking prescription medications, low iron (amenia), smoking, not taking multivitamins, autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, not eating nutricious meals and a plethera of other reasons. But if you are doing your own chemicals at home such as relaxers and hair color, you are more than likely overprocessing your own hair, which will definiately cause breakage. For more information or to have a one on one FREE consultation with Mrs. Williams, Owner of Sugar Salon, please call 770-813-7718, mention this blog and book your free consultation to sit down and discuss your own personal hair care needs.