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Sunday, April 3, 2016


This is for all the Naturalista's (chemical free hair wearers) out there who are wearing chemical free hair. I know that wearing your hair natural with no chemicals in it, can some times be a chore. But great hair care is a must and with great hair care comes a maintenance regimen of trimming the hair.

How often should you get your natural hair trimmed? I recommend at least once every 4 months. When/if you ever hair relaxed hair, you should be able to recall that every time you got your relaxer retouch done (every 2 months), your Stylist should have done a maintenance trim on your hair, just a "dusting" of the ends of your hair to remove any split ends.

Now that you are chemical free with no relaxer in your hair, I recommend that you get a maintenance trim at least every 4 months. Now when I say get a trim, I don't mean twisting your ends up and cutting the ends yourself at home, I mean going to a professional Hair Salon, getting your hair pressed out and getting the ends trimmed.

A lot of times I am asked, "do I need to get my hair pressed to get a trim?", the answer is "YES". If you can envision in your mind how it would be impossible to precisely cut hair that is coiled up and not straight. It is really not possible to give an accurate precise professional trim without starting with straight hair. 

Those whose natural hair texture is fine and/or soft, might be able to get away with just a good blow dry, which would straighten their hair, hence making hair that's straight enough to trim. The whole goal is to start off with a straight foundation of hair so that a precision accurate trim can be given.

How can you tell if your ends need trimming? Well, one simple way is to ask yourself how long as it been... If it's been over 4 months then the answer is "yes", you need a trim. 

A lot of times I get clients in my chair who have not had a trim in over a year. The way that you would recognize the negative affect of not getting trims is by the fact that the ends of your hair will be very dry and very brittle. The hair is dry brittle and split, which is why a trim is needed. The ends will also be hard and when you try to brush or comb your hair through the ends, the brush or comb gets stuck right at the ends of your hair and you find it hard to pull the brush or comb through the ends of your hair. That's another way to tell that you are overdue for a professional trim. 

We offer professional natural hair services as well as trims. To book an appointment for your natural hair trim, just give us a call at 770-813-7718, we hope to serve you soon.