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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Curly Perms: The Saga Continues..........

Wow, I never knew that when I was in Cosmetology School the curly perm was going to make a comeback. Everyone remembers the rage of the Jheri Curl "back in the day". Those glorious wet dripping curls. That trend came in and fazed out, but only after being popular for way too long. But Wave Nouveau has a moisturizing mouse that will keep your hair moisturized without having the "wet look", but with the dry look.

Curly Perms has made a HUGE comeback because a lot of women have gone natural, but find that natural hair is a lot of upkeep. Therefore a lot of women are opting to have the curly perm process done. And in doing so, they are aiming to have hair that looks naturally curly and dry, not wet. They obtain this look by getting the curly perm done with larger sized rods and using the Wave Nouveau Moisture Mouse, which leaves the hair dry, not wet. Everyone will look at your hair and think that you have natural hair, when all the while you are werking a curly perm.

Whether it be Wave Nouveau, Care Free Curl or any of the other professional curly perm products, they all contain the same chemical ingredient and you definitely CAN NOT get a curly perm process done if you have relaxed hair. And in doing so, all of your hair will fall out, which is why you should only consult a licensed Stylist when considering a curly perm. There are not a lot of Stylists who know how to perform this process, so choose wisely. I have been doing curly perms on clients since the early 80's and hope to do yours. I love doing curly perms. Do you need a curly perm and can't find a Stylist? Give me a call, I'll be honored to service you. Just call Sugar Salon in Duluth Georgia at 770 813-7718 and ask for M. Williams and let me work my wonders. My fav curly perm product to use is Carefree Curl; it's "tried and true" and has been out for many years, I used in it in the early 80's and it's still being used and manufactured.