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Microlink Extensions used to be a thing of the past but now they are back!!! I offer these very customizable, very light weight install technique. They are very light weight, you can put them where ever you want them, can  use them to add color or add length. If you want to book for this service, I require a phone of face to face free Consultation. A deposit is required to book this service. Pricing varies based on how long you want the hair, how thick/full you want the hair etc. Call or text 678-259-0261 to book. This client added length with this micro link install and she loved them. After we removed themher own hair had grown a lot.
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I offer human hair Loc Extension services; come in with one length of hair and walk out with shoulder length human hair locs. Pricing varies based on length desired, size of loc desired and suchlike. A phone or face to face Consultation is needed and a deposit is required. For more information or to book a free face to face Consultation, call or text 678-249-0261,


This is for all the Naturalista's (chemical free hair wearers) out there who are wearing chemical free hair. I know that wearing your hair natural with no chemicals in it, can some times be a chore. But great hair care is a must and with great hair care comes a maintenance regimen of trimming the hair. How often should you get your natural hair trimmed? I recommend at least once every 4 months. When/if you ever hair relaxed hair, you should be able to recall that every time you got your relaxer retouch done (every 2 months), your Stylist should have done a maintenance trim on your hair, just a "dusting" of the ends of your hair to remove any split ends. Now that you are chemical free with no relaxer in your hair, I recommend that you get a maintenance trim at least every 4 months. Now when I say get a trim, I don't mean twisting your ends up and cutting the ends yourself at home, I mean going to a professional Hair Salon, getting your hair pressed out and gett


Ladies, get booked for "Flawless Friday's  which consists of: music, movies, wine, discounts and enter our $200 Visa Gift Card Drawing! Prices are discounted every Friday! You can start booking now..... Listen to great music, relax and start your weekend off right, with flawless hair and lashes!!!  Discounts on: braids, weaves, silk press, feed in braids and more! Text 678-249-0261 and text the words "FLAWLESSFRIDAYS" to get your discount price!!!  Don't wait.... Don't hesitate.... Get booked NOW!!!! Flawless Friday Offers are at: THE COLLECTIONS 410 PEACHTREE PKWY CUMMING, GA. 30041 678-249-0261 text/call Inside Phenix Salon Suites Suite Room #121                                                  


Ok, so you decided to go natural some time back and now what do you do.... Well being that I own a Hair Salon and being that a lot of women decided to go natural (chemical free) some time back, I see a lot of natural hair. What I can honestly say is that I do see a lot of damaged natural hair. The main three reasons for the damage that I see is (1) natural hair clients not getting their hair trimmed by a professional Stylist every two to three months. Being natural does not mean that you do not need to get a maintenance trim. I recommend you come in for a trim every three months max, do not wait any longer than three months. Also if you are natural nine times out of ten we will need to blow dry and possibly flat iron your hair to be able to give you an adequate precise trim. Imagine trying to cut a balled up piece of paper straight or even; it's impossible. So it is with natural hair that is curled up, coiled up and/or balled up; we must start with a straight head of hair to give


We offer a plethora of services for dreadloc/loc clients. We offer: loc maintenance, loc care, starter locs, loc styling, loc wrapping, loc repair, loc extensions, interlocking, faux locs, coloring locs (all over color or ombre color), loc styling, pipe cleaner styling, loc wrapping and more.  Stop driving all the way to Downtown Atlanta, Decatur or South Atlanta when you can receive your loc services in North Atlanta near where you live, play or work. We offer fair competitive prices, to book for a service or free Consultation, give us a call or text 678-249-0261. STARTER LOCS RE-WRAPPED LOCS WITH HUMAN HAIR


Crochet Braids or some call it Crochet Weave is all the rage right now! I get call after call of clients booking crochet braids. They are a great protective style for all seasons and it is a "no maintenance" hair style. M. Williams offers Crochet Braids for $95 which includes: install of 3 to 4 packs of hair (bring hair). BUFORD/MALL OF GA location IG@sugarstylestudio CUMMING location IG@sugarsalonstudio Call/Text to book 678-249-0261 Crochet Braids  Crochet Braids